The history of our family furniture workshop began in 2010, when I – the owner and ideological inspirer Nikita Maksimov – realized that I want finally change the stuffy office to a cozy own business. Visit to the German gallery Bulthaup helped to determine the direction – designer furniture.

As a child, my grandmother gave me invaluable skills of handicraft work with wood, so the neural connections in the brain worked out instantly. Plywood is a highly versatile and durable wood product, it’s ready for any creative experiments and our workshop skillfully uses it. Together with my wife we build a family business. We create original plywood furniture and bring comfort to our customers’ homes.

We have several publications – in AD magazines, “Ideas of your house”, on the portal The Village, an interview for “Channel 5”. The combination of simple clean Scandinavian design school and minimalism allows us to offer a non-standard product even for sophisticated citizens.
There is a long-term guarantee on all furniture. This is not just furniture “for the season” – our products immediately occupy a worthy place among the family relics. Our furniture is like a tactile symphony and a hymn of practicality. Add a touch of real personality to the interior!